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Cannabis Rights Coalition – London Benefit

June 20th 2015 | the Canabis Rights Coalition’s London Benefit Concert at Canadian Corps with speakers representing Marijuana for Trauma, LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Dad’s for Marijuana, Puff Dog’s Vapor Lounge, and the NDP + Plus music by the Vapour Lounge Lizard, the Yappers, and Cory Hotbox Crawford

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Cannabis in Canada: Adventure on the Extract Express a journey around Ontario

As the CRC Justin Loizos wrote for CinC

“The Extract Express arrived just in time for the beginning of the festivities, where The Vapour Lounge Lizard, Carl Braund, Cory Hotbox Crawford, and The Yappers performed in fine fashion and had the place rockin! After the first round of music we got to listen to a few guest speakers including Andrew Brown from Marijuana for Trauma, Alison Myrden from L.E.A.P, Michael “Puff Dog” Thomas, myself, and finally Shawn Lewis, a representative from the NDP, who had a few interesting ideas to share with us, some enough to get a real rise out of the crowd. We will have to see the legitimacy of these claims, but either way I commend him and the NDP party for taking on the challenge put forth by our event’s organizer Mary McCarty. Kudos to him, and her, for making the excellent effort to bring as many parties as possible to our table.”

Cannabis in Canada

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