CANNABIS CULTURE – A reporter for CKNW radio news in Vancouver was shown the door by Conservative staffers for asking about marijuana at Harpers first appearance in B.C. since the beginning of the 2015 election.

Shelby Thom was in the crowd at a Conservative rally at the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond asking Harper supporters their views on the legalization of pot when she was approached by the PM’s goons and tossed out the back door.

She wrote about the experience on her Twitter feed:

Thom appeared on the CKNW show Drex Live to explain the situation in detail and play a few hilarious responses from Conservatives at the rally.

The reporter said she was asking Harper’s supporters about marijuana in response to the PM’s claim that Canadians don’t want to legalize marijuana, despite government polling data showing that more than two-thirds of Canadians want pot laws relaxed.

Article source Cannabis Culture

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