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Tom Mulcair: We’re on track to full legalization of pot

Speaking at a Vice Canada Town Hall in Toronto on October 13, 2015, New Democratic Party of Canada Leader Tom Mulcair outlines his party’s position on decriminalization of cannabis but adds that “we are on a track to full legalization.”

Mulcair no weed decriminalization Poster

NDP leader says his party would decriminalize marijuana right away, move to legalize it. To read more on CBC

NDP will decriminalize marijuana ‘minute we form government’ says Mulcair

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair not only said Thursday in Vancouver that his party would decriminalize personal cannabis use ‘the minute we form government’ – he also said the NDP would look at Canadians who previously faced criminal charges related to pot.

Video source Global News

NDP is against marijuana decriminalization?

The information we have right now is that Thomas Mulcair’s rhetoric is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness…

The Liberals have added a policy of marijuana decriminalization to their platform, while the Green party promises legalization. What has happened to the NDP ?

Watch the NDP’s previous stance on decriminalization under Jack Layton:


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