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The Legalization of Cannabis In Canada – PFT Live with Chad Jackett

Today on Press For Truth Live Dan Dicks breaks down the latest news in regards to Justin Trudeau’s plan to legalize cannabis. Joining us on the line is Chad Jackett founder of! We’ll also be speaking in studio with PFT member Caleb McMillan about the potential future of Canadian cannabis laws.

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Police In Canada Upset Over Push For Cannabis Legalization

Police officers in Canada are upset with the plans of the Liberal government to go ahead with their idea of legalization for cannabis. They say that legalizing the plant would promote chaos. While Trudeau did campaign heavily around moving toward legalization, many people have been confused since he took office over various instances of dispensaries being raided. Controversially, Canadian authorities have recently made the move to task former police chief Bill Blair with guiding the legalization efforts.

Despite pressure for change in the way of legalization, many law enforcement officials remain adamant against embracing the change. But their discontent doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, as we have previously seen police officials behave similarly with efforts toward cannabis acceptance in the United States. Despite their paranoia over the destruction that might occur in response to legalization efforts, the evidence points to quite the contrary. In areas like Colorado or Portugal which have already experimented with legalization, we see that the efforts to legalize have bared mostly positive results.

Liberal MP Bill Blair has responded to the worries from police, saying that the government will certainly not be rushed by any means when it comes to legalizing the plant. When it comes to “strictly [regulating] and [restricting] access to marijuana” they are going to go about it in a “careful and orderly way,” he said in a recent statement. Meanwhile, the police want to enforce the laws and continue disrupting current dispensaries.

Many Canadians see the continued raids as a waste of police resources and they have criticized the authorities for placing any priority on dispensaries and those using cannabis for medicinal purposes and otherwise. Various polls have repeatedly found that Canadians are mostly in-favor of Cannabis becoming legalized, as are many districts around the world. But the Liberals are determined, as they’ve made clear, to take their time with this one.

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