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Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Toronto Stirs The Pot

POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: It’s politicians vs. the pot community in Toronto as the battle over marijuana heats up.

We talk to Hash Mob Toronto activist Chris Goodwin about the latest including 4/20 and the Global Marijuana March.

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Toronto weed dispensary closes doors ahead of looming crackdown


POSTED MAY 16, 2016 1:55 PM EDT

Last weekend, Toronto Mayor John Tory walked into the Kind Supply marijuana dispensary in Kensington Market, seeking to learn more about the burgeoning industry that’s leapfrogged the legalization process.

“I went into one of them and started asking a lot of questions and the one I went into, they of course said that they were following all the rules and it was everybody else that wasn’t,” Tory told reporters. “They helped to educate me a little bit,” he added.

Tory’s trip may have amounted to the Cole’s notes version of a complex issue, but he emerged with a clear directive — it’s time to clamp down.

A few days later Tory penned a letter to Municipal Licensing and Standards urging immediate enforcement, in tandem with police, while the city further studies how to deal with the snowballing situation.

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Tory urges crackdown on weed dispensaries while city studies licensing options

With some sort of crackdown looming, the very dispensary Tory visited has decided to take the lead and close up shop.

According to some accounts, there are more than 100 illegal storefront operations in the Greater Toronto Area, but there’s now one less after Kind Supply Dispensary posted a note to its clientele, saying it was temporarily closing its doors.

“We acknowledge the City of Toronto’s effort to protect the health and safety of the public,” the note reads.

“We support socially responsible and ethical business practices, we look forward to participating in a regulated industry where patients needs come first.”

Some applauded the move, while others said it was a backward step in the long fight towards legalization.

When the owner of nearby Hot Box Cafe derided the dispensary for being “chickens” several spoke up in their defence.

On Twitter, John responded, “trying to comply with government does not make you a coward. Shame on you for being a crappy neighbour.”

Dave added: “You’re attacking a dispensary for trying to cooperate with the city & show good will towards a collaborative regulatory process?”

Toronto police have maintained they will investigate dispensaries if they receive complaints or if public safety issues are brought forward.

Tory wants the city to look west for guidance. Vancouver recently introduced a new licensing model, which spells out rules surrounding proximity to schools and other issues pertaining to public safety

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