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The Lift Cannabis Expo May 29th 2016 | Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Beleave MainStage full speech by Darren McCarty, Former player for the Detroit Redwings. Darren shares his life experiences of trials and tribulations and how medical marijuana became a priority in his life: “This plant saved my life. Mind body and soul. I want everyone to know there are options and it could save your life too.”

A Leamington, Ontario native, Darren is a 4 time Stanley Cup Champion and member of the famous “Grind Line” with the Detroit Red Wings. An enforcer that was respected as well as feared by his peers, Darren displayed a scorers touch during his 15 year NHL Career. Cannabis saved his life! Get educated at #‎lift expo

Yeah I had a cool job. I got to chase a puck around for my first forty years, my next forty I’ve got an even cooler job, I get to chase bud around. That’s where it’s at because knowledge is power, get educated.

Darren McCarty author of ‘My Last Fight: The True Story of a Hockey Rock Star

DarrenMcCarty at Lift Expo 2016
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