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WDNG Crshrs: Mac’s Music Creative Process With Weed

Weedmaps TV sits down with TheCoollsMac from WDNG Crshrs to vibe and share their creative process when making music.

Mac likes to start his creative flow by brushing his teeth so that he can enjoy the mixture that the minty toothpaste combined with the smoke from weed produces. Mac prefers to smoke a fruit cocktail, a combination of different types of cannabis, for his wake and bake while watching some morning cartoons.

Mac uses cannabis as a tool not only for creating music, but for bonding and vibing with his homies. There are even times when they unintentionally create music after a smoke sesh. Whether it is intended or not, Mac feels weed is a vital part of the creative process.

Coming from Georgia, Mac feels that cannabis plays a huge role in the state’s cannabis culture, but that it is kept more on the down-low compared to other states due to the increasing amount of arrests. Despite the current state of prohibition, Mac feels that cannabis is slowly becoming more acceptable in the nation and is hopeful for it’s future.

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