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June 20th 2016 | Monday morning activism, concerned marihuana patients and supporters gather at Old City Hall for a rally at the high court of Ontario with protest signs, megaphone chants, news media, plus a lot of heart to protest ProjectClaudia cannabis dispensary raids, and they call themselves the hash mob. Featuring Erin Goodwin, Tracy Curley, Puff Dog, Dan (for Mayor), the Baked Baker, and more…

Protest the drug war in Toronto CFBA Stop Wynne bill c-45 protest sign Tracy Curley save our dispensaries

This protest was also featured on Rock and Roll Canada | CTV Toronto | Global News live

Save our DispensariesTracyCurley.caCannabis Rights Coalition | CFBACannabis Culture


music clip credit Dj Premier ‘worst nightmare’

protest cannabis prohbition in Toronto

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