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Midnight Delight

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couch. conversations. clarity.

Teaser trailer for Midnight Delight, Release date: July 2016

Strangers meet in a smoking lounge over nights of exploration, leading to existential and metaphysical curiosity.

Writer and Director: Rohit Gupta
Writer: Rohit Gupta
Production Co: Dot and Feather Entertainment
Release: December 18, 2015
Cast: Alexandra Hellquist, Michele Ann Suttile, Dipti Mehta

Set of characters in a smoking lounge get in to hilarious antics over conversations with people they have never met before.


Cast: Alexandra Hellquist, Michael Laguerre, Michele Suttile, Dipti Mehta, John Crann, Shaheed Woods, Maggie Alexander, Bill E. McCrea, Sofia Sivan, Adit Dileep, Rachel Myers, Josh E., Michael Lester
Genre: Comedy
Production Co.: Dot and Feather Entertainment, LLC.
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Midnight Delight is composed of 9 vignettes where set of characters in a smoking lounge reflect over daily existence and societal curiosities conversing about various topics with people they have never met before.

Watch a short scene from one of the vignette ‘Illusion or Reality’ from the movie “Midnight Delight” played by award winning actors Alexandra Hellquist (Actress in a supporting role, IIFA 2016, USA) and Michael Laguerre (Lead Actor, Accolade Film Awards 2016, USA)

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