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Jorge Cervantes talks

Recent Cannabis history has some living legends and Jorge Cervantes is one of them. George Van Patten (that is his real name, concealed his identity from 1983 to 2010, by taking the name of his wife.

He was always finding a way to do what he likes to do in his own way.

Every interview of Jorge Cervantes is interesting for many reasons. His books Indoor Marijuana Horticulture” and “Indoor Grower’s Bible” made him a respectful and famous personality, Slowly he became a  Guru of growing Marijuana. This happened in difficult times, when the War on Drugs was still a “work in progress”. Moreover, Jorge Cervantes has been always telling the truth about the benefits of legalization of Cannabis and in one of his recent interviews talks about relevant recent developments on legalization and of course on growing Cannabis.

Video source Zamnesia

Jorge Cervantes Interview Exploring Seedbanks

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