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The best of the Medical Cannabis Strains

The use of Medical Cannabis goes back many thousands years. Nearly all of the great ancient civilizations included the sacred plant of Cannabis in their precious list of medicine. Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Egyptians etc, all of them have something in common . They had all of them realized how important cannabis could be for many different health conditions.

Nowadays that the legal cannabis market is moving in a fast pace from illegality to the regulated legal field for business, there is a new field for all those growers and breeders cannabis seed banks to develop new strains. Strains are developed in order to improve a specific combination of properties of the plant  All these cannabis strains are the result of experimentation and manipulation of genes. Hybrid cannabis technology makes it easy to define the properties of a marijuana strain. Breeding happens by pollinating a female cannabis plant with male pollen. The creation of new Cannabis strains means that there is a selective breeding procedure happening in a controlled environment.

One of the most appreciated compounds of Cannabis is the CBD, also known as.Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of the-113 plus cannabinoids that hold precious characteristics (the chemical compounds found in the plant of cannabis). CBD seeds are becoming very popular because they provide medical solutions for those who want to grow their own medicine.

Medical cannabis is gaining a well respected status among the scientists and the medical world and that is the reason why many governments around the world are changing their legal systems following more flexible policies.

Here’s a small collection of interesting videos related to medical cannabis.

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