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Froses 420 Show – Episode 3: Marc Emery talks Jail, Pot, Politics, Cannabis Culture & MORE

A couple months ago, Froses stopped by his usual Cannabis Culture dispensary and caught up with Marc Emery. They discuss topics such as jail, politics, business, and he shares some stores about them all. The Prince of Pot gives us his opinion on jail and shares some of what happened while in there. He let us know he is not worried about jail, and doesn’t consider being arrested for pot a bad thing. We get a bit of info on where you can find Cannabis Culture aside from Toronto, other businesses he has had in his time, and a lot of prison stories.

Marc also gives some dietary tips for when in prison and let’s us know about the band he was a part of while incarcerated. Between the jokes and sad stories he gives tips about prison nicknames, mentions a few people he helped that stood out to him, and a nasty sore he got on his ass while in jail. He speaks a bit on donations they have made as a business, the amount of prisoners he has sent money to, charities, events, and more ways Cannabis Culture helps people with the revenue it generates. Froses also finds out where else he would like to open up shop, how you know if pot is good or not. and his favorite form of THC use.

Footage of the recent raids can also be seen via Froses facebook page.

Video source: Toronto Trev

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