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Closer look at Leafs by Snoop

Canopy partnered with Snoop Dogg last year in an agreement that will allow Canopy to sell three varieties of Leafs by Snoop as well as the ability to have exclusive use of some of the company’s brands and content.

The whole idea of this partnership, from Canopy’s point of view, is that it is aligning its brand with Snoop’s. Canopy is creating an emotional tie with Leafs by Snoop and, in turn, an emotional relationship with Snoop’s fan base, which currently sits at roughly 17 million based on Twitter.

Snoop Dogg is arguably one of the most culturally significant pop figures that exists when talking about marijuana. To have the ability to partner with a brand that has the cultural power that Leafs by Snoop has, not to mention the Twitter following, is a big advantage to Canopy’s overall brand image.

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No Snoop Dogg for Canopy Growth Corp., Says Regulators

Article by Chris MacDonald, The Motley Fool

Canopy Growth Corp.  (TSX:WEED) was the first Canadian cannabis company to cross the $1 billion market cap threshold for a number of reasons. Among them, Canopy was one of the first firms to receive official Health Canada licensing, and is also currently among the largest national producers and distributors of medical cannabis products by volume.

One particularly important aspect of Canopy’s business model from an investment standpoint, however, is the company’s branding activities.

In October of last year, Fool contributor Will Ashworth wrote an article asking investors whether  Snoop Dogg can take [Canopy] to New Highs?  This article debuted at a time when Canopy’s stock price was trading at the $5 level approximately half of today’s current levels.

The amount of value added to Canopy’s stock price from the aforementioned branding initiatives alone can be very hard to back out. The Canadian cannabis giant initiated a number of other strategic growth initiatives at the same time; building out more production capacity, acquiring other firms domestically and globally, building distribution partnership and exporting marijuana to new markets, and a range of other activities coincided with the Snoop Dogg campaign referenced in Will’s article.

Canadian government says no to celebrity endorsements

Now, it appears Ottawa will be taking a very strong regulatory stance to the marijuana legalization process. While the Federal government is currently looking at transferring the job of implementing marijuana distribution to the individual provinces and territories, Federal regulations will apply to how the commodity is advertised, restricting firms abilities to advertise however and wherever they wish.

One of the explicit restrictions which has been handed down by Ottawa is a ban on celebrity endorsements of marijuana products. Advertising agencies and marijuana companies themselves have already come out and stated that, while explicitly advertising cannabis products with celebrities may not be allowed, the sheer fact that consumers are not yet accustomed to seeing advertisements for marijuana will mean that the first ads to hit the market will have exponential impact.

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