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A small history lesson: The Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Although the growing and selling of cannabis seeds occurs in many places around the globe, the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular were many decades ago pioneers. Amsterdam is known for its famous so called “coffee shops” where customers can purchase and consume cannabis. 

After the sixties, Amsterdam welcomed its first coffeeshop in 1972, on the Weesperzijde.

The owner named Wernerd, made history by opening a shop called Mellow Yellow.

After 1975 the coffee shop business started to grow. One of the most famous places to smoke is The Bulldog, established in 1975. 

Nowadays you can find almost every famous cannabis strain available in the famous city’s Coffee-shops. Those places have gained and epic status for every cannabis consumers around the world.

Here’s a short documentary that explains the history of Amsterdam and how became the place to be for all those who wanted to enjoy their favorite smoke freely.

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