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Just+Compassion Show: Great Lakes Glass Gathering 2017

Enjoy this video from The Great Lakes Canadian Glass Gathering 2017 Pre-Run Cup. Lets support our local glass artists and local craft cannabis companies. Really cool idea by Red Beard Glass, Dave Ro and Mastah Glass!

VIDEO coverage of the inaugural Great Lakes Glass Gathering on The Just+Compassion show featuring Mastah Glass Andrews Edwards Red Beard Glass Redbeard Glass Bloom High Tea Bloom High Tea Social Club Hidden Valley Jay Danger ACCA Alternative Cannabis Consumption Awareness – ACCA Cory Orr Biggy Big Bud compassion Biggy Bigg Bud and Phat Pharm Craft Cannabis, hosted by Beau Pinto — check out Just Compassion for more…

The Just Compassion Show

videography by DOPECHEF MEDIA

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