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Green Market Toronto’s Nuit Verte Anniversary 2017

XXX Parental Advisory: Explicit art work on display! XXX (18+ Rated R restricted viewing) #GreenMarketTO at the SuperWonder Gallery | September 29th 2017 The one-year anniversary event of the Green Market Toronto, open for the public to taste and sample craft cannabis, art show, comedy and karaoke, including interviews with Sarah from the High Five, Ashley from Sofa King Good Bakery, and from High Society Supper Club

Green Market TOSofa King Good| High Society Supper Club |

Nuit Verte features top shelf infused products hosted by comedian Lucy Gervais along with The High 5 and with Toronto’s top comics. #GreenMarketTO is celebrating the anniversary of Nuit Verte Toronto a cannabis nightlife event with live entertainment. Join us for a night of infused comedy and karaoke, with over 30 craft cannabis brands!

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