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Libertarian leader offers “right” approach to marijuana legalization

Rebel commentator and medical cannabis user, Holly Nicholas, interviews the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Tim Moen.

Is legalizing marijuana a contentious issue amongst right wingers? It can be.

It seems conservative politicians are at odds with the general public. Scott Reid was the only CPC MP to vote for Liberal Bill C-45, the legislation that will grant access to pot for those who have reached the age of majority by next summer.

But independent polling shows that the majority of Canadians are in support of legalizing the drug.

I received a little pushback from fellow right-wingers on my story weighing the pros and cons of legislation. Does that mean we can’t be pro-legalization?

There are health concerns to think about and the legislation isn’t solid.

A number of studies highlight the damage marijuana use can have on the developing brain, for example, yet the Alberta NDP’s “no tolerance” rule means kids can have about 20 joints in their possession with no criminal charges despite their promise to keep pot out of the hands of kids.

These are issues that are worth discussing, so I invited the leader of the Libertarian Party to give us his thoughts on marijuana legalization and make his arguments from the right.

Watch as I discuss this with Tim Moen to hear what he has to say about medicinal marijuana, what he’s heard about this legislation from conservatives and how to make it more effective.

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