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Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup 2018

Welcome to the first annual Indigenous Cannabis Cup. The cup will be held in beautiful Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory from May 18th to 20th, 2018.

The theme of the event is “Giving thanks for cannabis.” Our goal is to network with the rest of Turtle Island, and to thank and show appreciation for the industry itself.

This will likely be the largest gathering of Indigenous people connected to the cannabis plant in history, and organizers inted to light awareness about the role that cannabis can play in not only improving the health of Indigenous peoples, but in providing economic alternatives for indigenous self-determination.

The weekend’s activities will include overnight camping, bonfires, a wide range of workshops ranging from the practical to the esoteric, music and entertainment, traditional socials, the construction and smoking of the world’s largest peace pipe, not to mention deciding the best cannabis products in a dozen different categories to determine who’s got the best bud in all of Turtle Island.

We’ll have 10 catagories for entry, no limits on entry#, and will be hosting an awards ceremoy on the final day(monday), at this time awards, and cup winners will be anounced…

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Indigenous Cannabis rises to next level with Indigenous Cannabis Cup, May 18-21

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TYENDINAGA MOHAWK TERRITORY – From May 18 to 21st, 2018, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory will play host to an unprecedented gathering of Indigenous people and their allies at the first annual Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup. 

The event was initiated by Smoke Signals Dispensary owner Jamie Kunkel, and its location in Tyendinaga is testimony to the rapid growth and expansion of the Indigenous cannabis industry in that community. 

“This will likely be the largest gathering of Indigenous people connected to the cannabis plant in history,” says Kunkel, who is confident the event will shine a light on the role cannabis can play in improving the health of Indigenous peoples, and providing an alternative economic model for Indigenous communities. 

Over the May 24 long weekend, thousands are expected to visit the Mohawk Territory to celebrate the many gifts of the plant and its derivatives.  Attendees will come to play music, socialize, present educational workshops, sell their wares, partake in cannabis culture and camping overnight at the event grounds. They will also learn, share and network about cannabis production, safe consumption and the ever-growing list of the health, construction, environmental and economic benefits of cannabis and sister plant, hemp. 

“Cup competitions for judging cannabis strains and products have been happening for decades,” says Kunkel. “But Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and beyond have been growing and sharing for centuries. This is our moment to step forward and show the world.” 

The gathering is occurring in the context of Canada’s impending cannabis legalization in the summer of 2018. It is open to everyone age 19 and older, and will be a dry event with no alcohol or hard drugs permitted. 

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Smoke Signals

Organizer of Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup 2018

Smoke Signals brings experience and knowledge to Tyendinaga’s booming cannabis industry. Located at 255 Hwy 49 in Tyendinaga Mohawk Terrtory, Smoke Signals has 25 years of experience in business, botany, and horticulture. We have the  reputation of being the “go to place” for pain management and medical relief. We offer a wide range of traditional medicines, always assuring top quality.

Operating under the confines of our own traditional way of life, we beleive that the healing powers of this natural plant must be shared with the rest of Turtle Island!

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