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Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen List Top 4 People to Smoke Weed With

Seth Rogen talks about smoking a joint in front of Steven Spielberg at an Oscars party, his comedy charity special ‘Hilarity for Charity’ to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, joining a fraternity at the University of Vermont, getting asked to share joints and Jimmy reveals the top 4 people to smoke weed with.

Video source Jimmy Kimmel Live

Top celebrities to smoke weed with…

During a recent appearance on late night with Jimmy, Hollywood mogul Seth Ro revealed some favourite people to smoke cross-shaped joints with, total dopeness:

  1. Steven Spielberg

  2. Seth Rogen

  3. Cheech & Chong

  4. Willie Nelson

  5. Snoop Dogg

  6. Woody Harrelson

  7. Jimmy Kimmel

  8. Sacha Baron Cohen

  9. Rihanna

  10. Jeff Goldblum

*the above list is not considered accurate

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