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Cannabis “Legalization” Exposed! “Your Concerns Are Not My Concerns” Becomes Infamous Epic Blunder!

When Dan Dicks of Press For Truth warned Marc Emery about how dangerous and irresponsible his actions were in regards to championing for the election of Justin Trudeau he now famously responded “your concerns are not my concerns!” This comment has gone down as the greatest blunder in the history of the cannabis movement in Canada and the Emery’s owe the Canadian people an apology for their role in electing the man who is taking away all of our rights when it comes to “legalizing” cannabis in Canada. You can use the search feature on the Press For Truth YouTube channel and search the word “cannabis” to see the incredibly extensive work Dan has produced to warn the Canadian people about what the liberals have in store when it comes to monopolizing the entire cannabis industry. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth continues his warnings as he breaks down the latest rules and regulations tabled in BC in the lead up to the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Source:  / Watch: The Trudeau Deception

Video source Press for Truth

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