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Canada legalises recreational cannabis

So the Senate passed Bill C-45 — the cannabis act — on its third reading June 7. You were probably too busy watching Ontario election returns to notice, but that’s the bill that will legalize recreational marijuana. And so we move closer to the inevitable end of almost a century of censure against reefer.

CANADA will legalise marijuana for recreational use nationwide after a landmark law was passed on Tuesday.

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Legal recreational cannabis in Canada with Lift & Co.

Are you looking for a cannabis strain or oil? Lift & Co. helps Canadians explore, understand and make better-informed decisions around cannabis.

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Canadian Senate Passes Marijuana Bill

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CTV News: Legalization Isn’t Fixing Prohibition

POT TV – Cannabis activist Jodie Emery speaks to CTV News about the recently announced legalization of cannabis in Canada. The headline is clear, but the details are missing.  Jodie Emery speaks to CTV News to get under the surface of what legalization really means.

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Senate votes to pass bill legalizing recreational marijuana

The Senate has voted to pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana after six months of intense debate. Because the bill was amended, it now goes back to the House of Commons and won’t be officially approved until final wording is agreed upon there.

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The Socialization of Cannabis in Canada

Lift & Co sits down with CTV to talk about the socialization of cannabis in Canada. Will marijuana consumption in Canada become as mainstream as alcohol?

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Legal pot bill passes, cannabis critics raise concerns

The legal pot bill has passed in the Senate, meaning only royal assent is needed for it to become law. But cannabis critics are already raising concerns about the problems legalization could bring.

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