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New cannabis series featured on youtube exploring Canada’s legalization play. ‘The Bis’ is hosted by Chuckles Rifici and featuring some of the most prominent cannabis activists, educators and patients. Check out some of the episodes here:

About THE BIS: With marijuana on the cusp of becoming legal, it’s one of the hottest topics for Canadians. Talking the ‘Bis pairs cheese, charcuterie and cannabis with enlightening conversation on this ground-breaking series. Our host, Canada’s ‘King of Pot’ Chuck Rifici, removes any stuffy politically correctness from the subject. He invites real people over for real talk about cannabis. From the legal implications to the social impact to health benefits and concerns, important and controversial topics are tackled head-on. Diverse perspectives from our guest panel of politicians, health professionals, business people and other opinionated cannabis advocates bring colour and commentary to this monumental change for Canada.

The answer to your Cannabis questions.

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