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POT TV – Highlights from the 2018 Cannabis Day celebrations in Vancouver BC. For years the Canadian government has cried in favor of locking peaceful, non-violent people in cages, citing rampant reefer madness, and on July 1st, 2018 their worst scare-mongering came true.

Over a thousand people gathered to openly use and sell cannabis in a mass show of civil disobedience. The law was ignored. The cannabis was illegal. Many items were untested, and some of the dosages were as historic as the day. Everyone was fine.

Cannabis activist David Malmo Levine, who staffed the medical tent, remarked, ‘The police say we had over a thousand people, with only three green-outs, and one douche bag.’

Hundreds of vendors sold unlicensed and illegal products, while speakers and musicians entertained the crowd. At 4:20 joints were tossed into an open and excited audience.

The glaring contrast between the Canadian government’s proposed cannabis regulations and a real-world demonstration of actual legalization was stark. If the worst case scenario is a walk in the park, why are we allowing irrational fear to dictate our public policy?

Video source Pot TV

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