#WeedWon documents & celebrates two decades of @HOTBOXCAFE history

HOTBOX has been serving potheads, since … AH, I forget.

North Americas longest running cannabis lounge celebrated Canada’s long awaited & historical legalization October 17th, 2018.

WEEDwon, documents and celebrates two decades of HOTBOX history. From Abi Roach’s humble beginnings in Kensington Market, Toronto, to the millions of beloved customers served.

Featuring Tracy Curley, Janine, Abi Roach, Killin’ Time band, Kerri Macdonald, Ruth, Biggy Bigg Bud, Gavin Gerbz, and more…

We now roll into a new era of cannabis regulation and a brand-new chapter in the HOTBOX story, enjoint…

Created by Andrea Diaz

Video source Hotbox Puff Lounge

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