Our friend @Humble The Poet drops some serious gems for us on this insightful double episode shebang!

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What else can we say but WOOW. We went on for another as long as this or longer conversation with this wise, beautiful soul named Humble. What an honour to sit down and share these moments. 

Ellevan and Humble have been friends for years now and the in depth conversations only seem to be getting more richer and lovelier, so it was a natural move to have him as our very first guest of the podcast! 

Humble is a best selling author (Indigo Heathers Pick’s Top Rated Book; 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life, Canada Reads Panelist). A rapper and music producer and a professional spokesman for beautiful beards everywhere. Humble is a spectacular human being and Ellevan may or may not use him for a moral compass at times… 

This conversation GOES places, starting at Hip Hop, moving into self awareness and the riding the line between order and chaos, to the future of education and beyond!

If you want to catch up w Humble The Poet and see / hear the fantastic things he got going on join his network of loving beardos – catch the link on his instagram.com/humblethepoet 
We uncover how Winny’s fun fact inspired the name of this episode with Humble The Poet, you are everything and nothing. 

Topics Discussed;

“reaction vs response / being human and being strategic with life”

How we are kind to others and sometimes not kind to ourselves?

Humble drops bars about modern day slavery like: “Why hit them with a whip, when we can put them in debt?” 

“Reveal good programming that is laying dormant within”

“Find a Geek” – when trying to learn about new things.

“The Key to Self Love – Creating the space for yourself”

The list of brilliant perspectives just continue on and on like Erykah Badu. You’ll just have to tune into the full ride because everyone can benefit from this conversation. Our longest piece yet!

Catch up w Humble on his website for all the great materials he puts out, including his private community of good vibes only thinkers and feelers! 🙂


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“I Got a place being a teacher, I Lost a place being an artist” – Humble (bars)

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