26 Years in Jail for Cannabis? Meet Michael Thompson on the Green Rush.

In 1994, Michael Thompson sold some cannabis to an undercover cop. The system compounded the charges and he was supposed to serve 42 years for his non violent crime. A handful of people worked for years to set him free, and thanks to a team of people who saw this injustice, he was freed in January 2021 when Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer granted him clemency.

Hear his story on the Green Rush Live with Jimmy Young. To help others who have been unfairly incarcerated, consider donating to The Last Prisoner Project.

Video source Pro Cannabis Media

Free Michael Thompson – Last Prisoner Project

Michael Thompson has been in prison in Michigan for 25 years for only 3 lbs. of cannabis. Michael is now in his 60’s, was recently diagnosed with diabetes 2 and is at risk of contracting Covid-19 in prison. Go to FREEMICHAELTHOMPSON.COM and follow prompts to email Governor Whitmer to request that Michael’s request for clemency gets expedited before it’s too late. Don’t let a cannabis sentence become a death sentence for Michael! FREE MICHAEL THOMPSON NOW!

Video source Steve DeAngelo

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