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Cannabis LOLLIPOPPING – How To + Thoughts On Effectiveness

Today I explain how to lollypop your Cannabis plant in another Horticulture lesson within my plant training series…my low stress training episode link is further below in this description.

Video source Lex Blazer

Lollipop Pruning Method for Cannabis Production

Lollipop Pruning Method for Cannabis Production Professor DeBacco Enhancing Top Buds Visually, lollipopped plants have bare stems with no foliage towards the bottom, similar to a lollipop stick. Lollipopping is a pruning technique that enhances the buds at the top This works well with growers also planning on the screen of green pruning method. The result is to maximize bud size. Can be done with autoflowers. Maximizing Light Use Lollipopping allows for greatest light intensity to be utilized by the plant and is accomplished by removing growth up to a certain point. This pruning method will focus on the light energy being efficiently captured and stored in the apical buds. Goal is to maximize bud size and quality Lollipop Pruning Procedure Lollipopping pruning method should be initiated and completed 2-3 days before the plants are flipped to the flowering photoperiod. Start by removing unnecessary lower foliage that is heavily shaded. This can be checked with a PAR meter to ensure growers can know what the light intensity actually is with-in the canopy. Typically, entire branches are not removed unless they are short and not reaching the main light intensity. In general growers should focus their trimming efforts 5 and more nodes below the top (apical meristem) of the plant. Lollipopping and Defoliation Yes, both involve removing leaves, but lollipopping focuses on the bottom part of a plant with the focus on removing growth that receives minimal light intensity. Specifically, lollipopping favors the apical (top) buds while defoliation does not prioritize. Common Method Lollipopping is commonly part of a complete pruning/training program Example: Lollipopping and screen of green go hand and hand. (more info)

Video source DeBacco University

How To Lollipop A Cannabis Plant – Prune Like A Pro!

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Video source Growing Exposed

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