Sex & Cannabis with Chelsea Cebara

Join us as Chelsea from Velvet Swing guides us through some very sexy products available at Dockside Cannabis. For many, finding the right dose and consumption method for cannabis in the bedroom can aid in boosting feelings of intimacy, sensitivity, and overall fun and enjoyment. You’ve landed at a great place to get some product recommendations and things to consider when mixing cannabis and sex.

Products covered in this video include:
Mango Haze from Artizen
Blunts from Blunt Royale
EVFO by Puffin Farm
Dark Chocolate by SeaGoat Cannabis Co.
1:1 CBD Mints from Mr. Moxey’s Mints
Velvet Swing Sensual Lubricant from Velvet Swing

Video source Live Dockside!

Sexy Girls Smoking weed and hanging out in lingerie

gorgeous and sexy girls smoking weed, taking bong rips, dabs and more

Video source Cannabis Marketing

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