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Cannabis Oil Sales Legal in Canada

Cannabis oil, fresh marijuana now available following Supreme Court decision Forms of marijuana used for everything from brownies to lip balms are now legally available following Health Canada’s swift response to Supreme Court ruling.  By: Stephanie Levitz The Canadian Press, Published on Wed Jul 08 2015 OTTAWA—Rules that […]

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Canadian mum flouts cannabis law

Canadian mum flouts cannabis law for treatment By Micah Luxen BBC News Liam has had far fewer seizures using cannabis oil Continue reading the main story Related Stories ‘Marijuana refugees’ give cannabis to kids The mother of a boy with severe epilepsy refuses to give her […]

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Tommy Chong beat cancer with cannabis

How Tommy Chong Beat Cancer with Homegrown Cannabis Medicine Alex Pietrowski, Staff Waking Times As the movement for the liberation of cannabis gains momentum, and attitudes toward this relaxing and healing plant evolve, we are witnessing an explosion in innovation around how cannabis is used, both […]

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