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NORML Canada Legalization Panel

Karma Cup 2016 NORML cannabis legalization panel October 22nd 2016 | RAW – Legalization Panel: Alan Young (moderator), panelists John Conroy, Jodie Emery, Hillary Black, Ian Culbert, and John Fowler. The NORML Canada speakers stage featuring a range of viewpoints on cannabis legalisation during the […]

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Dispensary Regulation in Vancouver

Dispensary Regulation: The Dana Larsen Interview In this part of our three-part series on Vancouver’s move to regulate dispensaries, CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox speaks with Dana Larsen, a renowned cannabis activist, politician, and author. More on Dana: http://www.danalarsen.ca/ Dispensary Regulation: The Don Briere Interview In […]

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Alan Young at NORML Canada National Conference

NORML Canada’s National Conference opening keynote speech by Alan Young, Vice President of NORML Canada and a successful lawyer in pivotal marijuana cases, speaks at the Champs Canada expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Video recorded on May 24, 2014 Video source: NORML Canada

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