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Canada Legalizing Goverment Cannabis Monopoly

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYcIwbmf3Nk Cannabis is the gateway to liberty and the Canadian government knows it so they are currently doing everything they possibly can to ensure that when “legalization” comes it will not be open to a free and fare market but rather on the contrary it […]

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US Government to buy cannabis farm

The Government Wants to Buy 12 Acres of Marijuana — for Research Alex Rogers @arogDC // Aug. 27, 2014 Jordan Stanley and others prune hemp plants growing on their family’’s farm outside Wray, Colo., on July 31, 2014Matthew Staver—The New York Times/Redux Calling all pot farmers: Uncle Sam […]

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Former Health Minister to open pot farm

A politician, a cop and a pharmacist walk into a pot farm … It’s no joke: Ex-health minister George Smitherman, a retired deputy chief and a Markham druggist are applying to open a medical marijuana facility in Durham Region. RENE JOHNSTON / TORONTO STAR FILE […]

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