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Liberal MP calls for personal production of cannabis

Ontario MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith calls for legalization of personal production The Minister of Parliament from Beaches—East York, ON says allowing people to grow five or six plants for themselves will help undercut the black market By David Brown On Friday, December 2, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, an MP from […]

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The Extract Express rides again

The Extract Express adventure part deux filmed by Dopechef Media for Cannabis in Canada hosted by Justin, the bus trip goes to St. Catherines and London with stops around the GTA in another adventure in support of the Cannabis Rights Coalition, including clips of Last Dab Standing: Back Aboard the Extract Express […]

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CHAMPS EXPO MMAR Coalition Against Repeal

Dopechef hears from Justin of the Coalition Against Repeal, fighting for the right to grow for all sick patients with a federal court challenge on the go. Topics include support MMAR Colition, medical marihuana, home grows, licensed producers, court challenge fundraiser, save our gardens, the […]

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