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Cannabis Oil Sales Legal in Canada

Cannabis oil, fresh marijuana now available following Supreme Court decision Forms of marijuana used for everything from brownies to lip balms are now legally available following Health Canada’s swift response to Supreme Court ruling.  By: Stephanie Levitz The Canadian Press, Published on Wed Jul 08 2015 OTTAWA—Rules that […]

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Daily Marijuana Use Is Perfectly Healthy

Daily Marijuana Use Is Perfectly Healthy, Study Suggests By Dennis Romero Wednesday, September 25 2013 Imperial College London Lord knows we have our share of daily pot smokers in L.A., the medical marijuana capital of America.   But do they flood the emergency rooms and doctors’ […]

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Marc Emery Farewell Tour ‘Benefits of Weed’

The Prince of Pot political prisoner Marc Emery discusses the benefits of marijuana at his Farewell Tour appearance in Toronto, Canada July 16th 2011 FULL EVENT COVERAGE (OVER 2 HOURS)

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