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Free Marc Emery DO SOMETHING!

Help Free Marc Emery! September 18th 2010 Free Marc Emery World-Wide Rally in your home town! WhyProhibition.ca This segment contains footage from the Marc Emery Farewell Tour in Toronto (July 2009), Toronto Freedom Festival (2010), and from the ‘FREE MARC EMERY’ WORLD-WIDE RALLY in Toronto […]

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Free Marc Emery World-Wide Rally Promo

FREE MARC EMERY WORLD-WIDE RALLY protest rally actions around the World on Saturday May 22nd 2010, more info at http://freemarc.ca This video features clips of Chris Goodwin, Erin Gorman and the HASHMOB at the Free Marc Emery OCCUPATION PROTEST In Conservative MP Peter Kent’s office at 7600 […]

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