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Cannabis and Athletic Ability

Can Cannabis have a Negative Effect on Your Athletic Ability? One of the more common misunderstandings surrounding marijuana is that it helps calm you down, thus improving your ability to on the sports field. The truth is, however, that the short term effects of pot […]

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Ross Rebagliati on Press for Truth

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth sits down with Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati to talk about the circumstances in which he lost and regained his gold medal and how that subsequently led to the formation of “Ross’ Gold” a Canadian medical cannabis company which […]

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Cannabis as a Performance Enhancing Drug

RAW FOOTAGE of Ross Rebagliati’s speech on ‘Cannabis as a Performance Enhancing Drug’ during the NORML Conference part of the Champs Canada Expo on May 25th 2014 in Toronto. Ross Rebagliati talks about his use of cannabis and athletics, politics, olympic drug testing, and his […]

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