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F@cking Stoned: Weed as an Aphrodisiac

Fucking Stoned: The Search for a Weed-Based Aphrodisiac Written by DAVID BIENENSTOCK Despite compelling evidence indicating that  marijuana can effectively treat post-traumatic stress disorder, the federal government continues to effectively block FDA-approved research into cannabis as a potential alternative to the addictive, dangerous, largely ineffective pharmaceutical […]

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Marijuana Girl

Marijuana Girl is a novel from 1951 now recognized as a cult-classic of the drug paperback genre: MARIJUANA GIRL by N. R. de Mexico Joyce Taylor was a nice high school girl, maybe a little wild, and when she is kicked out of school for doing […]

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Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness is a 1936 black-&-white anti-marijuana propaganda film directed by Louis J. Gasnier, that portrays the worst effects from getting high and is considered a cult-classic due to absurdity. Or check out the remastered colorized Reefer Madness version re-released 2004

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