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Legalization 2016 in the USA

The Big Winner on November 8 Could Be… Marijuana by HERB WEISBAUM Marijuana Issues on the Ballot in Multiple States on Election Day 1:59 With pot on the ballot in nine states, the big winner in next Tuesday’s election could be America’s legal cannabis industry. By 2020, […]

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Congratulations Alaska, D.C., Guam, & Oregon

Where America landed on marijuana Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY Most of Florida’s voters voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, but Amendment 2 still came 2% percent shy of the votes needed to pass. Supporters vow to keep fighting. VPC While Florida voters narrowly rejected a […]

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Infographic: Legal weed’s consequences

Infographic: Legal weed’s consequences Six months later, how have recreational pot shops affected Colorado? Sam Bollier and Sam Koebrich Viewing this from your mobile? Click here Article source Al Jazeera

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