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The High Five does 420 Toronto

High 5 at 420 | April 20th 2015 The High 5 would like to give a giant shout out to everyone who helped us with our performance for 420 this year! Chris & Erin Goodwin and the Hashmob for putting on the 420 rally! Brass Vixens […]

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The High 5 with Kill Tony & Friends

The High 5 Catch Up With Kill Tony & Friends @ High On Trees Cannabis.ca presents interviews with Kill Tony (Tony Hinchcliffe), Brian Redban, and Frank Roman & Joe Tuccitto of High on Trees, hosted by Diva Von Diesel, Royal A.K., and Lady Haze of […]

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Princess of Pot talks with the High 5

O.G Blunts of the High 5 caught up with Jodie Emery the day after Mark’s return to Canada to talk politics and women in the weed movement. The High Five Cannabis.ca

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