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Ford and Harper CONS

January 9th 2014 the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, appeared on a Washington D.C. sports radio show the Sports Junkies and was asked about his views on the popular topic of marijuana legalization. Ford said he understands that there’s a market for medical marijuana but doesn’t think Canada will ever have legalized weed as long as the Conservative government is in power, although he questions why they do not decriminalize marihuana for the revenue opportunities (i.e. dope profiteering)


Sports Junkies: Hey Mayor, we were just kicking around the legalization of marijuana, in D.C. here apparently it’s going to be put on the ballot, what are your thoughts on that?

Rob Ford: That’s ah, probably won’t happen up here because we have a Conservative government so their very strict it comes to, you know, marihuana and any other drugs. So it’s going to happen here, maybe down in the States but not up here.

Sports Junkies: You know one thing that I sometimes struggle with when it comes to politics, you mentioned kind-of like conservatives, typically you want more economic freedom but it seems like with personal liberties it’s the other way, is that fair? Or…

Rob Ford: Yeah, no the Conservative government up here is very, you know it’s job creation, it is stimulating the economy but I’ve questioned that too sometimes why wouldn’t they at least decriminalize it and try to get revenue from it. But that’s a debate that has been going on for years up in Canada. We have medicinal marijuana, so a lot of people that are sick use it but they won’t legalize it or decriminalize it, so I don’t think they’re going to ever do it unless the government changes. I don’t see the Conservative government ever letting that happen.

LISTEN to the full appearance on Sports Junkies

However, later that day when local reporters asked the Toronto Mayor about his stance on laws regarding cannabis, Ford expressed regret for his comments on the radio, stating it was a federal issue and went back to his career-long conservative stance for prohibition, saying “I was trying to explain it was a federal thing but you know on that show they are always throwing curve balls”

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