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Compilation of footage re: the Highest Mayor in the World

Video clips regarding the Mayor of Toronto and drug use with the premise that Rob Ford is the prototype Politician of the New World Order, or that the N.W.O. is using Rob Ford to desensitize people into accepting his conduct as normal behaviour for elected officials everywhere.  Featuring Councillor Doug Ford, Finance Minister Flaherty, Prime Minister Harper, President George Bush, Chief of Police Bill Blair, Dixon Rd., Conrad Black, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Anderson Cooper, Peter Mansbrige, Councillor Mammoliti, Don Cherry, and more…

Throughout his political career Rob Ford has consistently fought for prohibition with a zero-tolerance approach to drug users. Now that Rob Ford exposed himself as a drug consumer instead to admitting to his hypocritical stance he has ramped up the War on Drugs by suggesting everyone at City Hall submit to mandatory drug testing. Mayor Ford has become a mainstream celebrity with rock-star status and is recognized as the most famous Mayor in the World, listed as the newsmaker of 2013, but instead of using his popularity to try to end the drug war he’s doing the opposite. Ford has stated he will stay-straight and never do drugs or alcohol again plus he’ll run in 2014 for re-election with a tough on crime campaign with plans for mandatory drug testing and increasing front-line police officers.

My hope with this video is to expose this New World Order plot before it’s too late, although Mayor Ford has only requested samples of hair for the mandatory drug tests there is serious concern that he will be looking for blood samples next. The NWO Elites have pledged to never let a major crisis go to waste and this is looking like a bleak ‘tough on crime’ future for the citizens of Toronto.


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)

** Support research on municipal politics, many believe that the New World Order Globalist Agenda can only be contended with at the local level **

LINKS to PDFs of Toronto Police Project Brazen 2 ITO documents relating to the Mayor of Toronto, click to view/download: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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