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How To Make Money Selling Drugs (2013)

Feature length documentary ‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’ about the $400-billion-a-year global industry that follows a path up to the top echelons of the drug trade. Focusing mainly on marijuana and cocaine, the film is also a cautionary tale about the failed War on Drugs […]

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Mayor Rob Ford on Drugs

Compilation of footage re: the Highest Mayor in the World Video clips regarding the Mayor of Toronto and drug use with the premise that Rob Ford is the prototype Politician of the New World Order, or that the N.W.O. is using Rob Ford to desensitize people into accepting […]

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Rob Ford dances to ‘One Love’

The Mayor of Toronto and most of the City Councillors enjoy a dance party break during the December 17th 2013 council session, dancing to a cover of Bob Marley’ and the Wailers classic ‘One Love’ performed by musicians Jay Douglas, Bobby Hsu and Joe Palawan wishing […]

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