A scavenger hunt for marijuana was held at High Park in Toronto on Sunday.

The Marijuana Information Bureau, which organized the hunt, claimed more than $25,000 in pot and prizes were up for grabs.

Toronto police said they were keeping an eye on the event, but said it’s legal because there wasn’t any marijuana hidden in the bushes – just 2,000 vouchers for marijuana and marijuana products.

“I got three cards so far,” said one scavenger hunter Natalie Wright.

Another scavenger hunter, Krista Hines, said she was there for her stepfather.

“He has tumours in his hand so he uses medical marijuana. And so he told us about it and he’s actually getting diagnostics today. So he asked us to come down and look for him.”

The rules say the scavenger hunters must have a valid medical marijuana prescription to claim their weed.

But if they don’t, they’re provided a number to “help you get your prescription and be able to claim your prize.”

Legit or not, the event made park goers who were just trying to enjoy a sunny day with their families uneasy.

“It’s a public park. It’s a family park, and it’s just kind of inappropriate, I think,” said Tara Damato.

John Horoszko said, “Looking around and watching the people there’s a lot of young kids out and about, finding cards. Is that the true meaning of the whole program under Health Canada? I certainly don’t believe so.”