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2nd Annual Marijuana Hunt in High Park

Marijuana Info Bureau presents the 2nd Annual Marijuana Hunt in High Park Free weed and other prizes. Sun, Sep 7: High Park was highly controversial Sunday. It was the site of a marijuana scavenger hunt. Cindy Pom reports on what was found and who opposed […]

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Marijuana Treasure Hunt is coming…

MEDICAL USERS WELCOME Toronto look out for a big Marijuana Treasure Hunt happening in High Park on Sunday, September 7th 2014 at high noon featuring over $25,000 in prizes. Organizer’s are recommending that medical marihuana hunters head over to High Park early to get a good position for […]

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Hidden Weed all around Toronto

Medical marijuana scavenger hunts held in Toronto A Toronto business has been holding daily scavenger hunts in the city with unusual prizes: medical marijuana vouchers. The Marijuana Information Bureau (MIB) holds the events every weekday between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. and posts the locations […]

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