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Cannabis Celebrities Marc Jodie Emery - Joe Rogan - Lady Gaga - Summer 2014

High for the Summer of 2014, Dopechef media has prepared our list for Cannabis Celebrities of the season and we are excited to announce our nominees:

The story of the Summer was the return appearance of Marc Emery on August 12th in Windsor with a freedom at last press conference. Marc appeared alongside his amazing wife Jodie and was treated to a heroes welcome in Toronto, back home in Vancouver and now throughout Europe. The Cannabis Culture power couple appeared together on a major media blitz endorsing Justin Trudeau and the legalization plans of the Liberal Party of Canada. On September 8th Jodie Emery filed her papers to run for the Liberal Party nomination in the riding of Vancouver-East for next year’s federal election.

Superstar Lady Gaga was on her ‘artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball’  tour, including performing alongside famous tokers Snoop Dogg and A$ap Rocky at the Festival d’ete de Quebec in Montreal. She took a trip through Yongersterdam while in Toronto, Canada, photographed in THC and Vapor Central on July 8th. Lady Gaga reportedly did a dab, smoked weed, did yoga, and signed the wall  ‘Mary Jane Holland was here. Love, Gaga’. But reaching new highs wasn’t all danger free as Lady Gaga was hospitalized for altitude sickness in Denver, Colorado, on August 6th, before getting back on World tour.

Renowned speaker Joe Rogan revealed “edibles are the way to go for me” on podcast #551 of the Joe Rogan Experience with the legendary writer and researcher Graham Hancock. Spending much of the second hour talking about cannabis, Rogan proceeded to smoke some live on air with Hancock who broke a three year dry spell. The LA Times reported on the growing business of medical marijuana delivery services noting Rogan as a VIP regular customer of LA’s Speed Weed. Rogan also delivered a notable performance in The Culture Highdocumentary that premiered in Toronto on September 9th, stay tuned for general release this October 17th

Congratulations to all the nominees, as the sun sets on the Summer season we look forward to blazing the many leafs of Autumn.


+BONUS: Honourable mention…

The toking rapper Waka Flocka Flame generated headlines in every mainstream outlet with a social media post for $50,000-a-year blunt roller, the job listing didn’t last long however when writer/actor Seth Rogen tweeted “#icanroll Hit me up.” Waka hired Rogen immediately #bound however the job didn’t last when it was later revealed that the story was a massive publicity stunt for Rogen’s upcoming movie The Interview.

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