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Rise of the Alpha Stoners

THE RISE OF THE ALPHA STONERS FROM SETH ROGEN TO ZACH GALIFIANAKIS TO THE BROAD CITY WOMEN, POT-POWERED PRODUCTIONS ARE DOMINATING THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE. BY MATT HABER Consider True Romance. The Quentin Tarantino-penned movie still holds up, but a few elements have aged poorly since its debut in 1993: […]

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Cannabis-Celebrities of Summer 2014

High for the Summer of 2014, Dopechef media has prepared our list for Cannabis Celebrities of the season and we are excited to announce our nominees: The story of the Summer was the return appearance of Marc Emery on August 12th in Windsor with a freedom at last press conference. Marc […]

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Cannabis-Celebrities of Winter 2013-14

It’s been a long cold winter but Hollywood’s blazing takes no hibernation so Dopechef is back with some nominees for Celebrities supporting Cannabis for the winter season. In the last week of the winter, B.C.-born L.A.-based tokin’ filmmaker Seth Rogen appeared on the Bravo series Watch What […]

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