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Midnight Delight puts the real in pot pics, this flick might be called a part stoner comedy part philosophical dialogue on life. Through a series of vignettes featuring interwoven conversations, the characters have cannabis sessions and real stuff comes out. These performers are living the dream and doing it on the same couch.

Highlight of the movie was the final session, an ultimate midnight fantasy session with an amazingly hot Marilyn Monroe-type stranger. Let’s just say the tensions are high. Everything is not as it seems. The intro to the movie was also a highlight featuring a charming cartoon set in the mighty jungle.

One criticism would be that there aren’t more cartoons throughout. These kings of the animal kingdom be making some serious moves. Another criticism would be that the chapters are not seemingly connected other than smoking that goodness.

The film begins with asking the question; “High, how are you?” but delightfully it’s like every question asked throughout could answered with “high” or “more high.”


So you know we’re into it. Viewers are sure to relate to at least one of the various characters or stoner-types. There’s something for everyone in the cannabis community. This movie is sure to delight audiences. Dopechef gives this film multiple tokes, if you get a chance don’t pass it up.


Midnight Delight | 2016 | Running Time: 85 minutes | Dot and Feather Entertainment

Director: Rohit Gupta | Producer: Rohit Gupta, Saumin Mehta | Writer: Rohit Gupta | Music: Zaher Akahshli | Animation: Saumin Mehta | Editor: Saumin Mehta, Michael Lester, Rohit Gupta

Cast: Shaheed Woods, Michael Laguerre, Alexandra Hellquist, Michele Suttile, John Crann, Maggie Alexander, Rachel Myers, Michael Lester



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